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10 Commandment of Hardwood

1. HEALTH – Wood is made from natural materials that are Hypoallergenic, which would be ideal for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.
2. MAINTENANCE – Wood floors are extremely easy to maintain. No more excessive cleaning products, just a dust mop or floor vacuum.
3. HYGIENE – Wood cannot absorb dust and bacteria; it is healthy choice for home with pet, unlike carpet.
4. AESTHETIC – The innocence of wood boards and radiant character that shines from each one of them separately and all together creates a warm and rich look and a comfortable feeling in any room, providing a natural beauty that remains constant over time.
5. SAFETY – Woos is a material that isolates from electricity. An important safety factor for homes and spicily for children’s rooms.
6. ECO FRIEND – Wood is a natural resource that is both renewable and recyclable.
7. ENERGY SAVING – Wood is not a conductor of heat, on the contrary of stone and tile that are conductors of heat and naturally cold. Wood will contribute to the heating and air conditioning of the house, which means energy saving.
8. DURABLE & PRACTICAL – Wood floors are a life long product of amazing beauty and durability. They are resilient; standing up well to the stress of modern living, the process of installation is faster then any other flooring options i.e. (tile, marble, stone, etc.) and will not damage the sub floor.
9. COST – According to real estate agents, homes with wood floors hold their value better, sell faster, and get higher prices when sold. Wood floors are an affordable solution that far outlasts other flooring options.
10. QUALITY OF LIFE – Good taste lasts forever- a unique quality of life that shines from the beauty and the character of the wood, like a good wine with age, wood becomes suitable to every century, furniture and design.